LG to Introduce X-Men Themed Smartphones as Part of its X Series

LG X-Men Themed Smartphones

The Korean manufacturer LG has announced that it will offer its upcoming X series of smartphones with the X-men themes from Marvel.

Slated for a July 2016 release in the United States, Latin America and Europe; each premium LG X handset will be based on one of these characters. According to a ZDNet report, LG will disclose how it decided to choose the X-men characters for its devices at the time of their launch. However, the exact dates of release of the themed smartphones are not yet announced. Speculations are on that there will be a total of six such devices on offer from the manufacturer. This launch is also intended to celebrate the release of the movie X-men: Apocalypse in theaters in May. Obviously LG sees this as a good way to market its X series gadgets. Incidentally, the Germany division of the manufacturer has posted images of these gadgets on its German Facebook page to give its buyers a glimpse of what to expect about the looks of these smartphones.

While most of the X series handsets are yet to be released, a few of them were launched in early June along with their X-men associations. Of these, interestingly, the LG X Power is related to the Professor Charles Xavier character that has relentless concentration. Relating this to battery power, the 4,100 mAh battery is believed to render long lasting power according to the tagline associated with it. The other smartphone, the LG X Style is attributed to Mystique or J-Law and flaunts really stylish looks with its acclaimed statement Fabulously Flawless Looks.

Nothing much is known at present about the other four smartphones. However, the LG X Cam will revolve around the laser eyed Cyclops character with extraordinary vision. If it means anything to go by the name, this device is going to consider its camera as the key point of consideration. However, given that this is true, one must wait and see which camera is the key focus. But, this could mean that the shooter is going to be equipped with a dual lens. The LG X Screen case that is likely to pay attention to the screen parameter into account will revolve around the Nightcrawler theme owing to its on-screen features and the corresponding X man hero’s teleportation cum night vision abilities. Talks are that this gadget will have a dual display and n Always On feature.

LG X Series

Although not officially announced, it is almost certain that the other two LG X themed devices will be the LG X Max and the LG X Mach. It is yet to be known the specific characters around which these two gadgets are to be centered. Yet, there are confirmed reports that it is the LG X Max that is going to draw its inspiration from Beast with the phrase Big Beauty attached to it. Finally, the other LG X Mach centers around Quicksilver and is associated with extreme super speed. Based on rumors going around, the LG Max will be more of a phablet than a smartphone owing to its large screen size. The LG X Mach, on the other hand, is reported to come loaded with a really fast camera and a powerful processor. This can possibly mean the inclusion of a Snapdragon 820 processor or higher and a decent size RAM. Added to this, there are possibilities of the snapper featuring a high fps rate, fast moving objects capturing ability, and slow motion recording capability. But, these details have not yet been confirmed by LG and are purely based on assumptions from gossips surrounding the device. No other information has leaked out about these two smartphones at the moment.

Unfortunately for lovers of Magneto and Horsemen lovers, the company is not planning on a release of smartphones on these themes. Atleast not for now, that is. Also, LG is not the first brand to follow the superhero trend for its offerings. The manufacturer has more likely than not drawn the cue from its competitor Samsung, which opted for the Batman theme for its Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge just recently and the Iron Man based Galaxy S6 edge before that. These six gadgets from the manufacturer are targeted at people who are looking at owning medium budget handsets.

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