LG Set to Come out with LG G Flex 3 at IFA 2016

LG G Flex 3

Just when it seemed that the prospect of seeing another curved smartphone from LG was out of question, there are fresh rumors that the company is about to launch the LG G Flex 3.

The smartphone will be the latest to adopt modular technology. It is expected to be a step ahead of the LG G5 in this regard. The LG G5 provides support to additional modules, which can be used to increase the functionality or enhance a feature of the device. One can go for audio modules from premium audio makers Bang & Olufsen or camera modules from LG to enhance the already great 16-megapixel rear camera.

The exact features of the upcoming LG G Flex 3 are not clear since the device is just rumored. However, it is about time LG came up with the next generation Flex phones. The LG G Flex 2 came out more than a year ago and the idea of a flexible smartphone was continued to be dismissed as a concept or a prototype. LG, though, is keen to show that there exists a market for the device. The company is looking at launching the LG G Flex 3 at the upcoming IFA 2016 in September.

LG G Flex 3 2016

One of the advantages of making the LG G Flex 3 as a modular device is that the phone can continue to support the modules already available in place for the LG G5. The South Korean company just announced several modules for the United States markets. However, there is a major disappointment that the much awaited Bang & Olufsen module may still take some time.

LG is expected to pack the upcoming LG G Flex 3 with an array of features fit for a high end smartphone. They include a 5.5-inch screen with QHD resolution. This should not be a major task for LG after having one of the best displays on the market in the new LG G5, although it has a 5.3-inch screen. The snapdragon 820 processor seems to be the standard fare for high-end smartphones and the LG G Flex 3 can be expected with this chipset without fail. Supporting this high-end processor will be around 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage.

Previous LG Flex phones have been extremely good. The addition of QHD resolution and module support will only make it better.

One thought on “LG Set to Come out with LG G Flex 3 at IFA 2016”

  1. What a waste. The original flex was revolutionary. A ground breaking device. If LG follows other manufacturers with a 5.5 in display. It will fall into the mainstream lineup of other devices that size. It is a shame that once was a revolutionary smartphone becomes mainstream. It will see what happens at IFA. If it does follow mainstream I will search for another device.

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