LG V30 May Drop the Unique Secondary Ticker Screen

LG V30

LG launched the V10 back in 2015 – a phone that was a first of its kind, featuring a secondary display screen on top of the primary screen.

Now, this year saw the series refreshed with a new LG V20 and like the V10, the latest flagship retained this unique feature. But according to the latest rumors coming from renowned smartphone leaker Evan Blass, the LG V30, which is deemed as the successor to the current V20, will drop the idea of the secondary ticker display screen.

This is just a rumor, but it would still be strange for the South Korean tech giant to take away something that actually played a part in making the LG V10 and V20 unique phablets in a time when innovative smartphone designs have become a scarce occurrence. Blass is well versed when it comes to smartphone leaks and even though this sounds weird, don’t be surprised if it indeed happened.

There is nothing much that Blass has this time. This means that little is known about the LG V30 as far as the specs are concerned, probably due to the fact that the phone is close to a year away, with the possible release date set for September or October 2017.

LG V34

It is strange that Blass is talking about an LG V30 yet just recently, the tech company secretly announced an LG V34 in Japan. From a closer look, the V34 is just a smaller version of the LG V20, with the major highlight being its water resistance capabilities. There is talk that a European version will soon hit the market and unlike its Japanese counterpart, this one will be known as LG V20 S.

As noted earlier, this is just a rumor, but given the following this V series has earned since its 2015 debut, there should indeed be ongoing works for the LG V30 or whatever LG will decide to call it.

Do you want the secondary display to stay when the LG V30 is released in 2017?

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