LG V30 Sporting Snapdragon 835 Expected to Launch at IFA 2017, Specs Detailed

LG V30 at IFA 2017

LG V30 is the next generation flagship smartphone from the company which is going to compete with Samsung once again.

The rumor has been floating for a couple of days and now the specifications of the phone is known, further cementing the fact that it could be launched at IFA 2017.

Instead of launching the flagship model during the event, LG will do it a day earlier so as to hog the limelight and bring the attention of the audience towards their latest innovation. The IFA 2017 is going to be held in the month of September. The event which begins on September 1st will continue all the way till September 6th in the city of Berlin. According to multiple sources that have confirmed the news, the LG V30 will be priced at approximately $700 and will feature 64GB of storage space.

LG V30

The overall specifications of the V30 smartphone sounds promising and good enough to be identified as a flagship smartphone. The bezeless design that all other companies including LG are trying to usher in will be found in this phone as well. It has an OLED display which has become the norm on all modern day smartphones considering the level of brightness and color contrast ratio offered by the display. There will also be a secondary display so as to bring the phone on par with previous V-series phones.

Under the metal body, the LG V30 will be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with a dual camera setup and has IP68 water, dust resistance capabilities. It will sport a 3200 mAh battery with Quad DAC for the best audio output. Surprisingly, the company didn’t decide to get rid of the 3.5mm audio jack yet as Apple did with its iPhone 7 models. The phone will have the jack allowing users to make use of their existing headphones and other headsets that they use on a daily basis.

LG V30 at IFA 2017

The LG V30 relies largely on the dual camera setup to impress their buyers. It is expected to provide much better depth to photos and when combined with the most reliable audio output, it’s supposed to be a multimedia lovers dream come true. The phone is still a couple of months away from launch and for now, you should go with a Samsung Galaxy S8 or existing LG models if there is an instant requirement. The secondary display will also be a big selling point for the V30.

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