LG V30 will Get Snapdragon 835 Processor with 6GB of RAM, New Rumor Claims

LG V30

According to a new rumor, LG is going to go with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. The flagship SoC was supposed to be used in their LG G6 model.

Samsung which is keen to make sure their Galaxy S8 smartphone stands apart from the crowd, made sure they snapped up all the available processors from Qualcomm. While it is only known through inside sources and rumors, it looks like majority of the stock was purchased by Samsung that pushed many manufacturers into adopting Snapdragon 821 for their 2017 smartphones.


LG was one among them! The LG G6 is a flagship model with amazing build quality and features but it lacks when it comes to offering the best processing power. The company is not going to give up easily as a new rumor found on Chinese social media site Weibo suggests they will get Snapdragon 835 for the upcoming LG V30. It is the successor to the LG V20 model and sports better specifications.

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The source claims that the new phone will not only use the latest Qualcomm processor but will also have ample 6GB of RAM to keep as many apps open as possible without slowing down. It will sport a dual camera setup but the actual megapixel used in the phone is not known for now. The smartphone houses an improved DAC that is designed to make even the most demanding audiophile happy. Not many phones can boast of a built-in amplifier but this one has that makes it possible to use high end headphones on the go.

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There are no solid specifications or information about the LG V30 except for the fact that it will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. More mysterious features are paired with the phone but we hardly have any idea what they could be. Bezel less design is one and LG may experiment further with something other manufacturers haven’t tried yet to gain the competitive edge. It doesn’t include a secondary display as rumored earlier but will have some good things that you could look forward to.

LG V30

With the Mobile World Congress 2017 close by, there are plenty of models expected to be announced during the event. LG obviously has its own product while Samsung and other manufacturers are coming with 2017 models of their own. All of them are Android phones with unique features of their own and maybe they could make batteries better this year? We hope so!

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