MacBook Pro 2016 Likely to Come with Touch ID-Enabled Power Button

MacBook Pro 2016

Apple fans are looking forward to a new MacBook Pro 2016 to be released before this year comes to and end and the latest rumors can only push their anticipation levels even higher.

A few months ago, it was rumored that Apple will come in with a MacBook Pro 2016 that features an OLED touch bar right above the keyboard, replacing the function keys row. Furthermore, it was speculated that the iPhone maker will be shipping a new MacBook Pro that features Touch ID support.

Back then, not so many details were put forward regarding the basic functionality of this Touch ID feature, which has typically found a natural home in the Home button of the iPhone. However, there is a new report coming from 9to5 Mac and apparently, we’ll see this feature integrated into the power button of the MacBook Pro 2016 laptop.

As for now, the power button of the MacBook Pro can be found along the function keys row, which makes it an ideal location for placing the Touch ID feature, just in case it is indeed coming to life.

What it means for Apple MacBook Pro 2016

According to the report, the source can be trusted. What this means is that those who buy the new MacBook Pro 2016 devices will be able to wake them using this fingerprint scanner and proceed with authenticating access to files stored on the device, just like it happens with the iPhone.

MacBook Pro 2016

This will for sure add another layer of security to Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup, something that has proved to be a huge challenge for Apple in recent times. To make sure things get even tighter and better for MacBook Pro 2016 users, Apple will also make sure that Auto Unlock is ready for use. This feature came to life with macOS Sierra and it allows those with an Apple Watch to auto-unlock a Mac or MacBook that is protected by a password as long as the former is authenticated, unlocked and is within the latter’s proximity. So, if you have or plan to get an Apple Watch, there is another added way of gaining access to your MacBook Pro 2016. Cool huh!

As for the OLED touch bar, reports are that it will be contextual where different user prompts and controls will show up based on the currently open programs and apps.

Apple is expected to unveil the new MacBook Pro 2016 this September, alongside the iPhone 7 as well as a new iteration of the Apple Watch, but don’t be surprised if the MacBook misses out in favor of a later launch date, probably in October. But as usual, none of these have been confirmed by the Cupertino Company.

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