Marshmallow OP2 for the OnePlus 2 – Finally the Taste of the new Marshmallow on your Device

OnePlus 2 Receive VoLTE Support

Many of the flagship smartphones of last year have now received the Marshmallow update.

Earlier in March, the company released the beta community build of the Marshmallow for the device. The Marshmallow version of Android is finally available officially for OnePLus 2 phones. The over the air firmware features upgrades to the latest 6.0.1, Android version. The update comes at a weight of 141 MB.

Oxygen OS, 3.0.2

For the past two months, OnePlus was testing the latest OP2, Marshmallow update and it was said that the rollout would officially begin within two weeks. In accordance with these reports, the update has now started rolling out for the device. The update is being rolled out bringing in Android 6.0.1 with the 3.0.2 update and is supposed to be only an incremental update. The Chinese company has stated that all OnePlus devices will receive the update within 48 hours.

Goodies and Features

The latest update brings in the usual goodies of Marshmallow and also some other special enhancements. One of the noteworthy enhancements is that this update manages to clear stored fingerprints from the device. Users who have set up an authentication by way of fingerprints will have to do it again and enroll themselves again before using the phone.

Highlights of the Update

Android has been updated to 6.0.1 with this update. The Doze mode has been improved to offer more battery life. The performance of the phone has also seen improvements. For instance, the fingerprint sensor and recognition has improved. There is AF optimization and a new user interface for the camera of the device. The Tuner and the MaxxAudio have been eliminated and integration has been done with Dirac, HD Sound tech for the phone speaker, offering improved performance.

Marshmallow OP2 for the OnePlus 2

The Shelf UX is enhanced and long press can be used for editing the board. Apps can be locked away in the Recents, so it doesn’t get cleared away. Users can get improved control over the background process, as they can use the clear process apart from the clear all process. Selection of the network operator follows the user’s choice, so that they don’t move on to an unintended network. The Swiftkey has been updated to the 6.3.3 version.

The mapping of the carrier name has been updated. Camera has also received some enhancements, such as bug fixes in case of the OIS.

Accessing the Update

Users of the OnePlus 2 who have not got the notification for the update can flash the firmware manually on their devices. This can be done through stock recovery by use of the OTA link for downloading. People at the device forum have shared the link.

Everyone was aware that the OnePlus 2 would surely be updated to the new Marshmallow version of Android, so it was just a question of time. Some users have been frustrated with the delay, but it is finally, officially here, so you can keep a look out for the taste of the new Marshmallow on your device.

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