Marshmallow Update for Galaxy Note 4 Devices in T Mobile Network – Doing Its Good Deed, Albeit Late

Note 4

T Mobile has at last started offering the Marshmallow update for Galaxy’s Note 4 devices in its network.

T Mobile does not have a very good reputation in offering quick updates generally, but this time, the update is even later than usual.

Update for Note 4 and Note Edge

In addition to offering the software update for the Note 4, T Mobile is continuing to do the good deed for the Note Edge as well. The update will be coming to users in the form of an OTA and has a file size of 1.52 GB, so go get that Wi Fi. Once users have updated to the new version, the number will be updated to N915UVU2CPE3 for the Note Edge. In case of the Note 4, the size is 1506.66 MB and the version is N910TUVU2EPE3, N910OTTMB2EPE3. The operating system is being updated to Android, 6.0.1 with new functionalities being added.

Gradual Roll Out

As it is an OTA or over the air release, it might take some time before it hits all the devices in the T Mobile Network. This may take a few days, but those who are impatient can manually check out their devices under Settings and About Device and access the Software update.

Marshmallow Goodies

The latest update from T Mobile for the Note 4 and the Note Edge will bring a slew of new features of Marshmallow. Users can now experience the Doze Mode and the App Standby feature. The features will help offer an enhanced battery life. The permission systems are also new and another significant improvement of the new software version is the Now on Tap feature. There are also some additional minor enhancements to the operating system.

Galaxy Note 4

Other New Functionalities

Some functions, such as Instagram and WhatsApp have been removed. TouchWiz now offers better usability and the visual design has been enhanced. The Quick Connect feature allows users to connect easily to devices that are nearby.  Devices that are currently connected are shown along with previous connections. The vibration pattern has been changed, applying a novel concept.

There is ample protection for fingerprints. There are also alternative means of unlocking the phone, such as the use of a pattern, a PIN or a password. This is required in order to add the fingerprint access.

Power Saving Features and Others

The power saving features is now more advanced and controls the background data on the device. This helps in extending the battery life of the device. The settings in case of Theme and Email as well as Icon/Widget have seen a change.

A Long Wait

Many users of the Note Edge and the Note 4 were starting to get impatient about the update. There were many other devices, such as the S5, the S6 and the Note 5, which have already received their Marshmallow update, so it is nice to see that the Note 4 and the Note Edge upgrade has also finally landed.

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