Marshmallow Update for Galaxy Phones– A7 and A5

Galaxy Phones A5

Samsung is almost ready with the Marshmallow update for the two Galaxy phones, the A7 and the A5. The upgrade for the two phones comes with the latest version of Android operating system.

It includes the Doze mode and improved application permissions and notifications. The new update also includes all the latest security fixes.

About the Devices

The A7 was released in the year 2015 and the A5 in the year 2016. Both are mid tier phones and are due for receiving the update now. The A7 is the bigger of the two devices with a screen size of 5.5 inches and Full HD screen resolution, whereas the A5 has a smaller display of 5.2 inches, though it s also a Full HD screen.

Marshmallow Release

Google had officially released the 6.0 Marshmallow version in the early part of October 2015. However, Samsung has only started offering the updates to its devices from February 2016 onwards. The South Korean company has slowly been making the update available for many of its devices and the two latest devices to be added to the list for Android 6.0.1 are the A5 (2016) and the A7.

Massive Rollout

The roll out of Marshmallow for the two devices has begun in Europe. It is available for Russia right now in case of both the A7 and the A5, whereas the upgrade for the A5, 2016, is available for Serbia as well as Turkey. Even while you are reading this, the updates are being sent to many other countries, so a massive rollout is expected within the next two days. However, this is an OTA update (Over the Air), so it might take some time to reach all devices in all the parts of the world.

Marshmallow Update for Galaxy Phones A7 and A5

Enhanced Marshmallow Features

The new Marshmallow update for the A5 and the A7 brings in a slew of optimizing features. For one, there is the Doze battery enhancement feature. Secondly, the Now on Tap is available as a search option. In addition, there is an option for Do Not Disturb and some optimizations related to the performance of the device. The security system has been enhanced and some other bugs have been fixed.

Improvements in TouchWiz

Apart from the enhancements of Marshmallow, the new update also brings in improvements to the TouchWiz user interface of the A7 and the A5 (2016).

How to Update

Users who wish to update the new software must ensure that their phones have enough charge and that they are connected to a strong Wi Fi network. They can manually move to the notification shade by pulling it down in the home screen. Next, they must tap on the Settings and look for About Device under System. Check the Software update  and then follow the promts offered on the screen for downloading and installing this latest firmware. After the new firmware has been installed on the phone, the device starts again automatically.

Next Update

As Samsung rolls out the Marshmallow update to most of its devices, Google is already working on releasing its next major software update, Android N, probably releasing it in a few months time or this summer. The 10% threshold for installing on devices has already been reached. Every day, some new device is being announced and receiving this firmware from Google.

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