Marshmallow Update for Galaxy S5 from T Mobile – Loading your Phone with Goodies  

Galaxy S5 Android 6.0

T-Mobile has now started rolling out the Marshmallow, Android 6.0 version for the Galaxy S5 smartphones sold by it. S5 was released two years before and will now begin to receive the newest Android version, Marshmallow.

However, the rollout is being done in a phased manner and it might take some time for all phones to receive the notification regarding the update. The version is named G900T3UVU1GPE1, G900TUVU1GPE1 for the S5 models. The size of the download is 1 GB, so you need to have a Wi-Fi connection for downloading it. You can also make use of Smart Switch and use the PC for installation.

Goodies Loaded

The new update brings in all the best features incorporated in Google’s Marshmallow. This will include Doze Mode along with an App Standby feature, which improves battery life. Another interesting addition is the Now on Tap feature along with a fresh permission system. T-Mobile also states that there is a fix for device slowness, which should please the owners of the S5 smartphone. It brings in some tweaks to the UI as well.

Features Discussed

The Doze feature puts your S5 to a deeper sleep mode when the device has not been used for a continued period. This results in a better battery life. As for the Now on Tap, the software is able to predict the user’s needs with one long press made to the home button. This offers a quick access regarding the hangout spot, how to reach there and so on. Users can use this feature while trying to search for a restaurant or a particular type of food. The app drawer has been completely redesigned, with an app search feature that allows users to scroll using alphabets and pinning a favorite application on to the top for easier access.

Galaxy S5

Requirements for Updating

In order to update the new software, users must meet the following requirements:

  1. The battery life of the device must be 50% or higher.
  2. It must have a Wi-Fi connection.
  3. The file size is 1020.28 MB for the G900T3UVU1GPE1 and 1044.48 MB in case of the G900TUVU1GPE1G

How to Update

You can go to the settings on the phone and select About Device. From here, tap on the Download update manually and tap on OK and then Start. It is possible to download the software and install it on your S5 device from your smartphone as well as using a computer. In order to download it from your computer, you need Samsung’s USB cable and must back up all data before the update is completed. Remove battery and turn off your phone during the update. You cannot even place an emergency call while updating. Install the Smart Switch compatible with the computer and connect to the computer’s USB port. Open Smart Switch on the computer and if an update is available, the Smart Switch will prompt you then onwards.

Not all Carriers

Though the update has been offered in several countries, not all carriers in the US have released the software version. Sprint was the first carrier to release Marshmallow version for the S5 in the US and T-Mobile follows next after a period of one and a half months.

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