Massive Android Sale Discounts Over 40 Apps, Some are Free for a Limited Time

Massive Android Sale Discounts Over 40 Apps

The year 2018 has officially begun and before the month of January ends, Android has a huge sale with massive discounts on 20 apps and 20 of them are being temporarily given out for free so that you could grab them immediately.

Whenever you buy a new Android smartphone or have a decent device that could handle all the latest apps, games, it is mandatory to fill it up with some cool content so as to keep yourself busy on the go. Here’s a list of the great games that will be free for the next 4-7 days. The mileage may vary and it is advisable to immediately download them before the time expires.

Massive Android Sale Discounts Over 40 Apps, Some are Free

Game Titles for Free

  • Endless Gummy Bear
  • Freelance Simulator Game Developer Edition
  • A Syllable Dictionary
  • Dead Bunker II HD
  • HeartCubes
  • Traffic Director
  • Math Smash Animal Rescue

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Android Apps to Download for Free for a Limited Time

  • SMM Friendships (Twitter)
  • ApptoCar – Pro Edition
  • Fractions Math Pro
  • MSafe Pro Edition
  • Business Calculator Pro
  • Decimal to Fraction Pro
  • File Manager Folder Shortcuts Pro

Android is known for the sheer amount of customization the operating system allows. Unlike Apple who has lots of restrictions on their iOS platforms and wouldn’t allow users to change the way they homescreen looks, you can do lots of such changes on your smartphone. These app launchers, icon packs and other apps should make it easier for you to get the look you have always wanted for your phone.

Android Sale Discounts Over 40 Apps, Some are Free for a Limited Time

Icons Packs and Customization – Free for a Limited Time

  • Cartoon Farm 3D Live Wallpaper
  • Flat Dark Icon Pack
  • Ollym Pic Icon Pack
  • Flatty Icon Pack
  • Summersion Icon Pack

All the above said freebies can be directly downloaded from the Google Play Store. If you have an account on your smartphone, just type the name of the app and it will show up as a free one. Some may expire in a day’s time while most others are available for at least three to five days giving you enough time to grab them all without having to any pay. The paid section has a huge discount sale on select apps and games as well.

Apps and Games – Paid Ones

  • 7 Minute Workouts Pro
  • My Dictionary Polyglot
  • MathPac Graphic Calculator
  • Astrolapp Planets and Sky Map
  • World Military Map
  • eSports Manager
  • StatsPac Graphing Calculator
  • Darkness and Flame 2 Full
  • Endless ATC
  • Swim Out
  • True Horror
  • The Sun: Origin
  • MechNika

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