A Massive Update Lands on Valve’s Team Fortress 2, Includes a Huge Map

A Massive Update Lands on Valve’s Team Fortress 2, Includes a Huge Map

Team Fortress 2 is Valve’s star child just like Counter Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2.

When most players used to complain that the company doesn’t develop anything significant, they have responded with a new map for the game developed in association with the community.

The highly responsive and addictive Team Fortress 2 is a third person shooter. Newbie gamers may have hardly heard about it because the game is long lost in the endless list of MOBA and AAA titles getting launched these days. However, for hardcore fans there’s no sensible replacement yet and TF2 continues to be their choice of multiplayer fun unlike CS GO which is primarily designed for the serious gamers.

After spending at least a decade in the same arena, it is time for the players to enjoy something new as Mercenary Park map pack has landed. It is being addressed as a pack because along with a large jungle-themed three-point control map for the ardent players. Those who were on the verge of giving up on TF2 now has more than one reason to get back into the game and explore the world the developers have to offer.

While Valve has played an important role in building the Mercenary map and the associated content, many of the side maps and content including the Yeti Punch game, Yeti Smash are created by players within the community. Even those who have never had the urge to check out the world of Team Fortress 2 can check it out now because of the awesome content available within the game. The jungle-themed map seems more interesting than the industry design which was primarily used in multi-player matches in the past.

A Massive Update Lands on Valve’s Team Fortress 2

Each developer from the community or the team that worked on the content has been credited on the official Valve website. You can head to know all the latest content they have developed and deployed in the game. Some of the most popular and interesting ones include the duelling banjo, jumping jack, soviet strong arm and the Russian arms race. You don’t use weapons from Russia but rather use your character’s real arms to do push ups to find the winner out of the lot.

The animated trailer that Valve released for Team Fortress 2 that introduces players to the Mercenary Map Pack is the best of them all and it proves yet again why they are on everyone’s favorites list.

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