Meet the Galaxy S7 ZeroLemon Case with a Monstrous 7,500mAh Battery

Galaxy S7 ZeroLemon ZeroShock Rugged Extended Battery Case

Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the standards setters for the 2016 smartphone flagships, not just in terms of performance specs, but also in terms of battery life.

The phone came in with an increment of about 20% when compared to the previous version, packing an impressive 3000mAh battery unit. With this massive power, you will be sure to have your phone on by the time the day comes to an end. However, a weekend is not a day long, instead, it has several days. This is where trouble sets in – a time when you are out for a weekend and you actually need more battery juice than what you actually consume on a day to day basis.

In such times, it calls for accessories such as the ZeroLemon ZeroShock Rugged Extended Battery Case with a massive capacity of 7,500mAh. This is a massive addition of energy to the already impressive Samsung Galaxy S7, but for those out for a long weekend, this is a worthy addition. It will give you more than twice the battery life you get with the Galaxy S7’s internal battery, something that should mean the phone lasts more than two days with heavy usage.

Galaxy S7 ZeroLemon ZeroShock Rugged Extended Battery Case

One downside of smartphone cases is the size and weight they add to the phone. Samsung Galaxy S7 has dimensions of 142.4 mm by 69.6mm by 7.9mm, however, adding the ZeroLemon ZeroShock Rugged Extended Battery Case will shift the dimensions to 165.1mm by 83mm by 21.1mm. As you can see, this is a huge Galaxy S7 you will end up with here, but it is worth it thanks to the 7,500mAh battery package that follows it.

Even though this case will also rid the Galaxy S7 off its natural beauty, it will add you some functionalities. The case has a multi-layered design that makes it great when it comes to protection as well as shock absorption. As for the pricing, you can get this ZeroLemon battery case for $59.99 on Amazon, although the usual price is $99.99. There is also an 8, 500mAh version meant for the Galaxy S7 Edge and just like the Galaxy S7 version, it has a price cut from the usual $99.99 to $64.99 via the same platform.

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