Meizu Pro 7 is Ambitious with 4K Display and Titanium Body, Rendered Images Leaked

Meizu Pro 7 4K Display

The Meizu Pro 7 is an ambitious phone without questions as the manufacturers are pushing its limit with some great features like a titanium construction and a 4K resolution display.

While 4K resolutions are still the top of the line solution in high end computers for gaming, trying to bring them to the small phone display might sound ridiculous at the moment. But, such weird thoughts are not going to deter the Meizu makers from thinking big. A leaked render image of the phone claims that the overall design of the phone will look a lot like the Pro 6.

Meizu Pro 7

The hardware components are safely placed inside the highly durable and robust Titanium alloy body. It is a very unique choice for a smartphone. While some models like the iPhone 7S and the Moto X Force focuses more on durability of the device with such materials, titanium is not a primary choice among smartphone makers. The phone features a large 5.7-inch display pushing it into the phablet category and it has a 4K resolution display with the camera designed by Sony. The rear camera is an IMX362. There’s ample 8GB of RAM to keep the process going with 128GB internal memory. The Meizu Pro 7 is supposed to be an affordable device priced at 3799 Yuan.

Another variant with 6GB and 4GB RAM editions with lower internal storage space is also rumored. They will have a lower price tag than the flagship model. The biggest catch is going to be the processor which will play an integral role in keeping the phone lag free. Qualcomm could be on the cards but a more possible choice could be the MediatekHelio X30 chipset. The Mediatek brand is not known for its best performance and we are not sure why the Meizu after pushing every corner is going to go with a subpar brand.

Meizu Pro 7 4K Display

More details on the Meizu Pro 7 is expected and if the leaked images are close to the production version, there will be very little updates to know on actual launch date. The phone being a Chinese product may not gain popularity in the West but such flagship devices with lower price tags are always preferred by buyers in the Asian market. This could set a new benchmark and may inspire more smartphone manufacturers to adopt higher resolution displays. The pricing of the other variants of the Meizu Pro 7 is yet to be known. The pricing info should be available close to release date.

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