Mercedes AMG Project One Hypercar, a 986hp Beast with F1 Styled Powertrain

Mercedes AMG Project

Mercedes in associating itself with their favorite partner AMG to produce one of the fastest hybrid hypercar of all times featuring a massive 986 horsepower.

The company took their time to reveal the powertrain used in this car and it looks very much like the one they would use in F1 race cars.

At the moment, the hybrid hypercar is being addressed as the Project One which is powered by a turbocharged V6 engine and is also integrated with a whole lot of electric motors. When the combined power of these engines and motors are put together, the model should very well produce at least 1000 horsepower and possibly higher, states the engineers in the team.

Mercedes AMG Project One Hypercar

A private meet for the press people was organized during which the Mercedes AMG partnership revealed their glorious moments from the past and their future plans. The upcoming Project One car is equipped with a generous amount of carbon fiber materials and the engine is quite similar to the W08 Formula 1 car that Mercedes had on the race tracks. Under the hood, this particular eye catchy model is powered by a 1.6-liter V6 engine that has its maximum set at 11,000 rpm. The road legal version of the car can go up to 750 horsepower which is a feat on its own.

The additional horsepower is delivered by the four different electric motors that has been split and mounted on different sides of the chassis. They are connected to both axles and are powered by highly efficient lithium ion batteries. Despite the huge battery, this massively powerful Project One car can deliver just 16 miles on full charge as it requires too much power to run. The model is designed from the ground up to run mostly on gasoline and the electric motors help boost its horsepower but not deliver the range expected of it.

Mercedes AMG Project

Mercedes AMG is planning to build just 275 models of the Project One making it an extremely limited edition variant that only select people could actually buy and get the opportunity to drive it around. The team’s R&D boss confirmed that they are not reserving any specific models for customers. However, bookings have already began and they are selling at a rapid pace despite the expensive price tag which is an obvious caveat for such an overpowered hyper car.

The latest teaser image gave a good idea to customers of what to expect from the model including the side design, roof, and rear end of the model. It is claimed to be the most efficient hypercar by Mercedes.