Mercedes Benz Releases Teaser Image of EQ A Ahead of Frankfurt Debut

Mercedes Benz Releases Teaser Image of EQ

Mercedes Benz is clearly committed to their EQ lineup of cars and just like many other automobile brands, believe that electrified vehicles are the future.

The automobile company has been showcasing EVs from time to time. And, the latest one to be teased in an exclusive image is the EQ A. Previously, Mercedes revealed the EQ C at the Paris Motor show while the new EQ A is scheduled for full reveal at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. The model’s specifications and other important details are kept under wraps for the moment.

In terms of design, the newly unveiled EQ A resemble the EQ C with flared fenders, front grille with large gaps and long hood. At first look, the car instantly resembles the likes of Tesla’s popular Model 3 which is yet to fully reach buyers. The designers have distinguished it from competition with sharper headlights giving it a sporty finish and the popular hexagonal grille found in most other Mercedes models.

Merceds Benz Eq line-up car

Many auto brands are opting to remove side mirrors and replace them with displays so that they can provide more details that simply showing a car zoom past. Augmented reality and similar features are being incorporated in the side mirrors. It’s a surprising addition to see Mercedes go with real side mirrors for their futuristic EQ range of cars. A delightful surprise with the EQ A is that the design and finish looks more like the production version of the car. Even though, it is yet to be finalized, it is evident that the car may not undergo any drastic changes after it’s Frankfurt motor show reveal.

When Mercedes Benz revealed the EQ C Concept at the Paris show, the company claimed that they plan to provide at least 310 miles on a single charge. Under the hood, the car was powered by an electric motor which is mated with an engine powerful enough to render about 402 horsepower and 516 lb feet of torque. Going by the numbers, the EQ A should be more potent and offer an increased power output making it one of the fastest, most reliable electric cars from the Mercedes brand.

Mercedes Benz

The EQ car lineup, possibly four different cars are headed to the dealership stores. Mercedes plans to launch them all together by 2020 which is just two years to ago. All of them are expected to be hybrid models to bring in the EV technology without compromising on performance.

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