Mercedes E-Class Coupe Spotted Without Camouflage Ahead of Launch

Mercedes E-Class Coupe Without Camouflage

The Mercedes E-Class coupe is spotted much earlier to its launch and this time there isn’t much camouflage covering the car.

The sleek coupe variant is expected to be available in stores by next year.

Mercedes E-Class Coupe

When it finally finds its way to the stores, the Mercedes E-Class coupe will compete against the BMW 6 series. Hiding the car’s overall design should have been a tough task for the designers. In the past, they used multiple layers of camo to keep its shape hidden but the newest images have very little to cover things up. Some parts of the car is completely undisguised while others have a swirly wrapping that leaves very little to imagination.

The new coupe follows the design aspects pioneered by the C-Class and the S-Class coupe. The rear end is curvy with steeply raked windscreen and there are no B-pillars on the model. It gives the much needed sleek look to the variant, making it an ideal choice for those looking to buy a stylish and compact coupe for their daily commuting needs. The upcoming model is set to be designed on top of the same platform as the previous saloon models.

It is equipped with a rear wheel drive architecture which in turn allows the engineers to provide great boot space and increased legroom for the passengers. Under the hood, the car still uses similar powertrain. The model will probably go with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine, offered with both petrol and diesel engine variants. There is a high possibility that it receives a performance variant designed by AMG.

The Mercedes E-Class coupe by AMG will feature a 3.0-liter V6 and being a purely performance driven variant, it is not going to much fuel efficient. For buyers who are conscious of fuel economy and like to save some extra bucks, the manufacturers will also offer a hybrid variant of the E-class but there is very little information available on the same.

Mercedes E-Class Coupe Without Camouflage

The infotainment system is controlled using two large 12.3-inch displays and paves way for a futuristic dashboard. It also includes touch sensitive pads and a fully customizable screen where the driver can choose what should be displayed. There is a wireless charging pad for easy charging and it supports all connectivity options including the popular Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. People with smart devices will find that the Mercedes E-Class coupe readily compensates their need for tech features in the right mix.

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