Microsoft to Launch a Red Xbox One Controller in Mid-January 2017 in the US

Microsoft Red Xbox One Controller

The tech giant Microsoft is all set to launch a new design for its Xbox One Controller in mid-January in the US after its competitor PlayStation first released a licensed Pro design for its PS4 in 2016.

There is however, no news about any UK release. The controller will be available for sale from Microsoft Store and GameStop from 10 January for an affordable price of $65. It is also available for pre-order from the US Microsoft Store. Interestingly, the red option was available earlier from the Xbox Design Studio for an exorbitant price. Also, the controller offered for the Gears of War 4 theme is red in colors. Adding the red option to the traditional green, blue, black and white colors, the red controller offers Bluetooth connectivity and can be used with the original Xbox One, as well as tablets and PCs. The company also has a slew of non-traditional colors like Copper Shadow, Dusk Shadow and Dawn Shadow for players to take their pick from.

Red Xbox One Controller

The new pad will support enhanced wireless range and textured grips to avoid slipping from your hands when in use. This makes the controller quite rugged and sturdy while offering you better feel and comfort. Along with this, the device will feature an improvised D-pad and responsive thumbsticks, as well as allow you to set the button mapping based on your preferences. Moreover, the red controller will help you feel the action with more fervor by stimulating impulse triggers. As an extra bonus, you can connect the controller to a headset using a 3.5mm stereo headset jack. With twice the usual range support plus Bluetooth support, you can connect it to your tablet or PC and enjoy your favorite game just as much as you do with the Xbox One.

Even as the red Xbox One controller will not be available in the UK market at the moment, fans in this part of the world can still lay their hands on the red controller for the Gear of War theme from the Microsoft UK Store.

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