Microsoft is Now Testing New Apps for their Upcoming Andromeda OS

Microsoft is Now Testing New Apps

Microsoft has officially ditched the Windows Phone due to the lack of apps available and people didn’t adopt the operating system as expected.

However, they are not giving up easily as a new Andromeda OS is in the making.

Apple iOS and Google’s Android has become the only two mobile operating systems with millions of smartphones around the globe. Microsoft is not giving up easily as the company is rumored to be developing a dual screen Surface phone. The Surface tablet and laptops have found a solid place in the mainstream market. The development team is betting high on the success and wants to recreate it in the mobile space.

Microsoft is Now Testing New Apps Upcoming Andromeda OS

A rumor has emerged that the apps for the rumored Surface phone and the Andromeda OS is being developed. It has been spotted through the code windows-8828080 label they have already used with the previous products and the same is being used for the new operating system that is still under development.

The apps built for the Andromeda OS is being currently tested on the Microsoft Store and is being available only for select users. Besides, you can only access the apps only if you know the exact link. The apps are being tested for the new operating system which will be used to power the Surface phone. Going by the way they have been handling things, it looks like the OS may be restricted to their own phones like Apple rather than making it open ended and available on all brands.

Microsoft is Now Testing New Apps for their Upcoming Andromeda OS

Windows Phone betted high on the Nokia models but the OS could never take off due to lack of apps. By creating all the essential apps on their phone and partnering with companies like Google to bring Youtube, Whatsapp and Facebook, Microsoft might be able to create an ecosystem that meets all the necessary requirements of the average user.

Andromeda OS has already found its support among top players including Spotify that shows it is heading towards the right direction. If the flagship Surface phone looks and works great, it is sure to interest a lot of people who are not interested in too many games or apps that gets released on a daily basis. Besides, the business-friendly Blackberry OS is no longer in the market and this phone could possibly fill the space by being a secure, user friendly OS with all the basic features one would expect of a smartphone.

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