Microsoft to Preinstall Apps on Android-Powered Acer Mobile Devices

Microsoft apps on Acer mobile devices

Companies like Microsoft and Apple no longer deny their rivals on Android the chance to experience how it feels like to use applications and services they offer exclusively to Windows Phone and iOS users, respectively.

While the Windows and iPhone makers were still doing this, users of their devices were still able to download and install Google-based apps that are usually associated with the Android ecosystem. All Android devices come preinstalled with a number of Google’s own apps as well as apps from the device’s manufacturer.

Microsoft wants to see the same with apps on Android devices. To make sure this happens, the Redmond Company has struck a deal with Acer to preinstall a number of its commonly used applications on the Android-powered smartphones and tablets the company manufactures. What this means is that beginning July onwards, Acer smartphones and tablets will come preinstalled with apps such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote as well as the popular free voice and video calling app – Skype.

Acer already makes phones that run on Windows Phone OS. The company also makes devices that run on the most popular mobile operating system in the world – Android. With Windows OS maker looking to expand the reach of its apps to other platforms, maybe choosing Acer wasn’t the best choice. This is so because the brand isn’t such a force in the handset market, which might make an insignificant difference in the Windows Phone maker’s sales.

One area Microsoft can, however, rely on is the tablet industry. Even though recent stats showed that this device’s popularity has been dropping, Microsoft has been quite successful in the enterprise market. With Acer proving to be quite successful in this field thanks to the likes of Iconia tablet series and a few other great devices, Microsoft might be onto something here.

Microsoft apps on Acer mobile devices

Neither Microsoft nor Acer has gone out to reveal the entire details of the deal. At the moment, there is no word on which smartphones or tablets Acer will release and preinstall them with Microsoft apps.

More than 74 Android hardware partners globally

This is not the first time Microsoft has struck a deal with a hardware manufacturing company with an aim of getting its apps preinstalled on these devices. Companies such as Sony, Samsung, LG and several others have in the past agreed to preinstall Microsoft apps on a number of their devices. Furthermore, the Redmond-based company says that it has agreed deals with more than 74 Android hardware OEMs to preinstall its apps on their devices.

Microsoft is targeting to get its apps on all future Android-run devices, but this might take some time. Usually, preinstalled apps aren’t the preferred choice for many users, but Microsoft has an upper hand given that its apps already enjoy high ratings in the Google Play Store. This is an indicator that Android users already love these apps, so the company is just making an effort of easily availing the apps to these users.




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