Microsoft to Slash OneDrive Cloud Storage Space to Just 5GB

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft has been making mild changes to its services ever since the introduction of Windows 10. Starting July 27, users of the company’s cloud storage platform – OneDrive – will be treated to a smaller amount of free storage that is usually allocated to them.

At the moment, Microsoft allows users of OneDrive up to 15GB of free storage. This is basically the same amount of free storage space that Google allocates to users of its cloud storage service. However, the Windows OS maker apparently feels that this free storage space is far too much to be offered for free. As a result, the company will be slashing it to just 5GB. Furthermore, there will be no more of the additional 15GB that users were allocated for free as far as their camera rolls are concerned.

Of course, this is something that no user of OneDrive can be smiling about. However, it shouldn’t come as a surprise as the company had previously hinted at this move back in 2015. However, at the time, users of the cloud storage service cried out to Microsoft not to go ahead with the plan, which succeeded. While users were allowed to keep the 15GB of free storage plus the additional 15GB in bonuses, getting the bonus storage space required that users log into a special page. The Redmond Company further made life difficult for users of OneDrive as getting this bonus allotment had a limited period, requiring that users log into the said special page before January 31 this year.

Microsoft OneDrive

If it happened that anyone did not succeed in logging into the special Microsoft page and take advantage of the offer, the amount of free storage usually allocated to them will be reduced to 5GB at some point. Well, this is it as Microsoft has finally set a date of when this will actually be happening. If you are still thinking of joining the OneDrive community, keep in mind that the new 5GB limit has already begun applying to new accounts.

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