Minecraft Exploration Update Downloadable on PC and Mac

Minecraft PC Exploration Update

Just six days after the pre-release build of Minecraft Update 1.11 was out, the stable variant is now going live via the game’s launcher.

The latest update which has been codenamed Exploration Update is the fastest and the briefest patch to have been released in the seven years the game has existed. The patch is only available for PC and Mac gamers for now.

Exploration Update is a free expansion that adds a horde of new rivals, items, locations and expeditions. As the nickname suggests, the update is made specifically for those players who like exploring the risky game worlds in search of treasure. This update enhances exploration by adding a new villager called Cartographer who trades and Llamas-creatures which can be used to form a caravan-which make treasure search expeditions seamless and fun among other fascinating additions.

Minecraft after Exploration Patch


After players have updated their game, they will meet Cartographer who willingly offers a treasure map for emeralds. The map holds the key to the new dungeons and locations (where treasure reserves can be gotten) that have sprung following the latest Minecraft’s Expansion Pack. Players will follow the map carefully and if they are lucky they can land in seaside monuments infested by spiny Guardians whom if they battle and conquer will surrender very treasured items.

Woodland Mansions

Another significant addition is the new Woodland Mansions. The new location is inhabited by deadly Illagers (cousins to villagers) whom you can fight but you must be a pro and well-equipped to overcome the creatures and when you do the prize is so big. Overpowering them and clearing a Woodland Mansion will gift you the Totem of Undying which is an exceptional item that saves you from those deadly situations that would under normal circumstances lead to death. The item saves the player by restoring the health meter to full strength when it empties.



Exploration Update also makes survival in the wilderness seamless while exploring worlds in Minecraft. Using the tamed Llamas, players can transport goods as well as use them as a defensive mechanisms. The friendly creatures form a caravan while travelling on land and are protective when an enemy appears, they will chase any stranger away using spitballs.

Though Minecraft Update 1.11 changes have been known for almost two months since it was revealed at Minecon 2016, people had never had the clearest tally of new features and bug fixes which have now come out vividly following the official release this week. This year is almost coming to an end meaning this update may be the last major addition on the game in 2016. Nonetheless, the patch adds a host of changes some of which are not easy to notice like those improvements made on the command system.

As already stated above, the update is for Windows 10 PC and Mac gamers for now. Minecraft fanatics on consoles will have to wait for their variant which is also coming soon.

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