Minecraft PS4, Xbox One and Other Console Editions to Get Banners, Polar Bears

Minecraft PS4

Minecraft PC version has had polar bears, banners and beets for some time now.

The update is about to be rolled out to PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles next week.

Minecraft PS4

While Mojang, developers of Minecraft directly handle updates and patches for the PC version of the game, the console edition of the title is monitored by 4J studios. The company is usually quick to port all the changes made in the PC edition to their respective consoles. They have brought all the big updates to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms. However, the major catch is that they have to get every patch approved by Sony and Microsoft before they are rolled out which delays the launch every time.

The free update will be rolled out to Xbox devices by October 4th after which it will be brought to the Playstation consoles a day later. A PC feature, grass paths will soon be available for consoles as it is part of this update. It is very handy as players have been marking paths using sand and gravel for years now. After all, a stylish entry to your huge castle or home should have grass path right?

Arctic biomes with the new patch will be able to generate huge subterranean fossils, igloos, frosted ice. They are plenty of other blocks available including bone blocks, nether wart blocks, red nether bricks and end bricks. If these are not enough for you, Mojang offers a paid Chinese Mythology mash up pack.

The paid pack includes a huge Chinese ancient city which is pre-built for your convenience. It also adds new mythology inspired textures, music, skins and a brand new level inspired by the ancient city for the Battle mini game. Instead of the usual Ender dragon, the pack will replace it with a huge Chinese dragon that should keep you glued to the pack for at least a couple of days.

Minecraft Chinese Mythology

Mojang and 4J studios had released a trailer for the Chinese mashup pack. It reveals all the important features found in the pack and shows you how big the ancient city is. Besides, there are large status which might remind gamers of Kung Fu Panda and his martial arts training zone. The pricing of the pack has not been revealed in the trailer but Mojang is known for offering great value for money. You could check out the trailer below.

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