Minecraft and Rocket League Cross Platform Play Will Not Work with PS4

Rocket League

Sony’s Playstation 4 console will not join this grand cross platform initiative which was kick started by Microsoft.

Microsoft now owns Minecraft and its parent company Mojang that allows them to experiment with whole lot of new features. Players have been looking forward to cross platform games, at least on the ones that wouldn’t give anyone an unfair advantage irrespective of the type of input device they use. Minecraft and Rocket League are amazing choices because they can work seamlessly on all platforms without demanding high hardware specifications.

Minecraft Cross Platform

The E3 2017 Microsoft conference served as the perfect platform for the company to announce that Minecraft will now run on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and other devices all at once. It was such a huge effort that would unify the gaming experience but then Sony’s Playstation 4 opted out of the race. The representatives confirmed that they are interested in working with Sony to make it possible and were keen but they wouldn’t want to do it anytime soon.

It was not only with Microsoft but Sony is also not interested in working with any other developer. Rocket League is coming to Nintendo Switch, the newest hybrid console that works at home and also on the go. You can use the Switch console to play the game in Wifi mode between two friends while also competing with others online on PS4, Xbox One, PC. At least, that was the original idea until PS4 was removed off the list later.

Now, Sony in a recent interview has tried their best to justify as to why they don’t want cross platform play on their console. However, as expected it was a debacle for the team who is not allowing something simple so that their gamers could enjoy more servers and compete with a lot of people from around the globe. When the Microsoft E3 2017 conference ended along with the Xbox One X announcement, many critics and gamers jumped onboard to criticize the company for lacking exclusives and not focusing much on 4K or VR.

Rocket League

They didn’t bash Sony so much even though the team hardly had any games to show except for God of War, the Uncharted Legacy which are all familiar names to PS4 owners. Now, by opting out of cross platform they are alienating their players much more which should soon segregate them from the gaming crowd in the near future. Could this be the end of Playstation especially with Xbox and Switch could work together?


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