Minecraft Story Mode is About to Receive Season Two, Rating Board Sparks Rumors


Telltale Games know the knack for making games that actually have an interesting storyline and characters that will pull you in.

While Game of Thrones or Zombie stories are much easier to tell, creating a story out of Minecraft should have been a very difficult task.

Minecraft Story Mode

But, the scriptwriters at Telltale Games seem talented that they managed to come up with the first game in the installment. Titled the Minecraft : Story Mode, it introduced a whole lot of characters in the game and also provided a new perspective for gamers. The original game is all about building blocks in a pixelated world where you either get completely creative constructing huge structure or try to survive every night while crafting new weapons to fend off those menacing monsters.

The Minecraft: Story Mode was a different experience as it started off with its season one introducing all the characters in the storyline and provided a single player campaign. The game experienced moderate success and was welcomed by most fans of the series. The latest rumor based on the ratings board listing is that the second season for the game is under development. The first episode of the season has been titled A Hero in Residence and has already been rated PG by the Aussie Ratings Board.

Minecraft had been a kid friendly game ever since its launch and it is available on every platform you could think of, right from PCs, Xbox One, PS4 to PS Vita, iOS, Android devices and is even on the newly launched Nintendo Switch console. Telltale is going to build on the hype they have created around the first season. They earlier followed the episodic pattern where the game’s story will be revealed in an interactive adventure experience similar to what they did with the Walking Dead series.


Apart from the Minecraft episode one, season two which is under development and should be out anytime soon, Telltale is also working on the Game of Thrones series. The latest games to join their long lineup of story driven adventures include the Walking Dead: A New Frontier and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Their unique approach, character development and storytelling play a vital role in making these titles a favorite among gamers. If the upcoming Minecraft is as good as season one, it’s no doubt longtime fans are going to enjoy it like no other title and will lead to more such seasons to drop in in the upcoming months.

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