Minecraft Touches 74 Million Concurrent Users, Update Aquatic Expected to Revive its Popularity

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The majority of the gaming population had shifted their attention towards games like PUBG and Fornite.

These titles have crossed more than three million concurrent users and more than 40 million people own Fortnite on different platforms. However, Minecraft is still on the top of the game.

A couple of months ago, Minecraft on PS4, Xbox One and PC besides the bevy of other platforms it is on used to be the most popular multiplayer games of them all. The game developers went on a short break after they successfully rolled out the Ender update. Even though there haven’t been any huge updates in the recent past, the game has set a new record in the world of gaming with a massive 74 million concurrent users. The numbers don’t segregate the platform it belongs to but still the numbers are very high that any other title may never achieve in its lifetime unless it’s an old school game like Warcraft.

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The head of Minecraft, Helen Chiang confirmed that over 144 million copies of the game had been sold on PC, PS4 and Xbox One among other platforms. The total number of platforms is pretty huge as the game is also available on iOS, Android phones, PS Vita, Xbox 360, PS3 and it even works on the Raspberry Pi computers. Despite the fact that there aren’t any major updates to keep the players online and enjoy the world, it continues to attract millions around the globe and players keep building something amazing from time to time.

Minecraft Touches 74 Million Concurrent Users, Update Aquatic Expected to Revive its Popularity

This year, the developers of Minecraft might have some interesting things to look forward to. Previously, it has already been confirmed that one of the biggest updates in recent times, the Update Aquatic that brings new coral reefs, fish, dolphins and more ocean content is heading to the PC version of the game in Spring 2018. It will eventually be rolled out to next gen consoles so players on every platform and of all age groups could start exploring the underwater world in Minecraft while building some nifty new items.

Some unique additions will include shipwrecks, ice bergs and powerful Trident weapons you might have seen Aquaman use. It’s a powerful melee and ranged weapon which can be used to defend yourself against sea creatures. Minecraft is going strong and this new update might make it very popular yet again once it launches this Spring.

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