Minnesota Timberwolves May Buy Out Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett’s 2 year career in the NBA thus far has been full of disappointment and under performance, so much so, that the Minnesota Timberwolves are currently in talks to buy out the remainder of Bennett’s contract, making him an unrestricted free agent.

Bennett, the first overall pick of the 2013 NBA draft, was picked by the Cleveland Cavaliers, and failed to deliver the kind of numbers that he was expected to produce when coming out of college.

Bennett was sent to the Minnesota Timberwolves as part of a trade that also sent the 2014 number 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins in a deal that saw the Timberwolves send All-Star power forward Kevin Love to the Cavaliers.

The Timberwolves appear to have come to the inclusion, after failing to find another team willing to deal for Bennett, that buying the 22 year old Canadian born player out of his contract would be the better move for the future success of the franchise. By buying out the remaining $22.3 million on Bennett’s contract the Timberwolves would make another roster spot available while also being able to free up some cap space.

Last season Bennett only averaged 5.2  points and 3.8 rebounds per game in his 57 games playing for the Timberwolves.

Bennett is expected to clear waivers if the Timberwolves move forward with cutting ties with the former number 1, making him an unrestricted free agent and allowing him to try and find a home with another team.

It is hard to believe that just 2 years following a college career that left NBA owners and GMs clamoring for his talent, Bennett has failed to pan out so spectacularly. In his 1st 2 seasons, he has played for 2 different teams and failed to produce numbers someone could expect from bench level player.

Someone is almost certainly going to take a risk and pay something to pickup the former number 1 overall pick, but not for the amount of money he was due.

It is sad to see such a promising talent out of college fail to produce anything in the NBA, but as it stands right now, the only legacy that Bennett will leave behind, is one of disappointment.

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