More Than 171 New Items in The Sims 4 Fan Made Cottage Garden Stuff Pack

The Sims 4 Cottage Garden Stuff Pack

Electronic Arts and Maxis are really restraining people when it comes to allowing people create content for their games.

However, The Sims 4 Cottage Garden Stuff pack has made its way to the general public.

Fan made stuff packs are kind of rare as the official developers Maxis keep developing new game pack, stuff pack and expansion packs to keep the Sims 4 players busy at all times. Things seem to be changing now as a new fan made content has been announced and the team which is made of fellow simmers claims to have spent a massive 3 months in designing it.

The Sims 4

On the whole, there are over 171 new items in this classic themed pack which allows gamers to decorate their lawns and houses with a touch of vintage. The Cottage Garden stuff pack as the name suggests has a huge collection of plants in it allowing you to plant and grow them, to create a garden off your own.

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For players who are used to having the same urban environment all the time with parties, bustling cities and places occupied by houses, having a huge lawn filled with plants and a garden setup should feel very relaxing. They can make their sims walk through the zone to have a nice relaxing evening and think of creative things or simply paint as this environment would definitely kindle their creative side.

The Sims 4 Fan Made Cottage Garden Stuff Pack

Like every other pack, you have to start off by building your own cottage and start decorating it with all the additional content provided by the makers of the stuff pack. It includes vintage styled bedrooms with lots of wooden furniture, antique pieces and a dinner table that would simply push you back in time to enjoy a rustic lunch.

When your sim walks out into the garden, the real fun begins as there are so many different types of plants to take note of and take care of. Children would immensely enjoy this setup as they get to grow new saplings and understand the importance of preserving the nature to lead a healthy lifestyle.

In short, the Sims 4 Cottage Garden Stuff Pack provides endless items to explore with which also includes new vintage costumes, hairstyles, accessories to dress up your avatars. The stuff pack is available for download at the official page and a huge index of the items available are also listed for your convenience.

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