Moto Z Line-Up Available for Pre-order on Verizon Networks

Verizon Networks

Just as promised, the Moto Z will be available exclusively on Verizon networks along with the Moto Mods.

The new phone from Lenovo has generated quite a lot of buzz since it will be a potential replacement for the highly successful Moto X line-up. More importantly, it feels like the first generation of modular phones to hit the industry. Unlike some of the modular phone concepts in recent years, this one actually works.

The Moto Z comes in two variants – Moto Z Force and Moto Z. There are several differences between the two variants and users will have to be extremely cautious in choosing either one of them. When the Moto Z Force feels like in regular smartphonethat is fit to last the entire day and probably beyond, the regular Moto Z is purely made for the style conscious buyers. Hence, there are several sacrifices in order to make the phone look extremely good and it certainly does. Starting from July 28, the phone will be available on Verizon networks and it has just gone on the pre-order markets.

Moto Z Line-Up

The extremely thin Moto Z will cost $26 per month on a contract from Verizon. If buyers decide to get the phone without any binding agreements, the Moto Z will come at $624. These figures are slightly lower than the Moto Z Force, which cost $30 per month on contracts or $720 without any contracts. For the additional expenditure, buyers will be able to get a much larger 3500 mAh battery, QHD AMOLED screen, an entirely different camera, shatter protection for the touch screen display, and much more.

One of the most attractive elements about the Moto Z line-up is the ability to support modules, which are now being called us the Moto Mods. They are certainly not cheap by any standards, but there are some extremely cool mods which can immensely improve the functionality of the phone. One of the priciest Moto Mods is the ability to convert the phone into a mini projector. The Insta-Share Projector is priced at a whopping $299. There are also some extremely well priced mods like the JBL’s SoundBoost Speaker, which comes in at just under $80. Battery packs, which seem like a great alternative to the power banks, come in at $59 or $89 depending on the size of the power available. The Incipio Back Plates are the cheapest at $15 per piece.

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