Motorola and LG Top in Android Marshmallow Rollout, Sony Phones are the Most Stable

Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge

In a new report regarding the speed at which the latest Android Marshmallow OS has been hitting different handsets in the U.S., it has been noted that Motorola and LG top the list when it comes to speedy rollouts.

This is not strange given that a good number of the two companies’ handsets closed 2015 with Android Marshmallow on board already. In the same report, however, the two companies are not among the best when it comes to stability of devices following the software update.

The report came in courtesy of Data Analysis Company known as Apteligent, indicating that Motorola was, in fact, the fastest to unveil Android Marshmallow, doing so in November 2015 following its October release by Google. LG picked up the pace in early 2016, but HTC, which came in the third position, is noted to be the company that equally distributes its software updates to all of its compatible devices. Apparently, other Android OEMs are quite picky when it comes to the handsets that are to be updated with new software, with LG and Motorola being among them.

Now that Android Nougat is just around the corner, it remains to be seen whether or not Motorola will retain this crown, especially now that HTC and Samsung have already made their intentions clear with respect to their latest flagships while LG is set to be the first company to unveil an Android Nougat-powered phone in the shape of LG V20. At the same time, the LG G5 and Xperia X Performance are already up and running with Android Nougat preview on board, an indicator that there might be some changes in the speed at which these OEMs roll out software updates.

Android Marshmallow

Volumes of people have raised their concerns over the latest Android Marshmallow update, with some noting that they have been encountering numerous problems since updating to the new OS. Of course, the fact that Samsung has the largest supply of smartphones in the entire globe will always mean that the company receives the most complaints. However, the stats show that ZTE smartphones are the most likely to crash following an Android Marshmallow update.

On the contrary, Sony leads the way when it comes to stability, with a crash rate of just 0.08% as compared to the 0.28% of ZTE handsets. Motorola, despite topping the list when it comes to releasing updates, still manages to keep up with Sony by clocking a crash rate of just 0.09%. In short, the speedy pace at which the Lenovo-owned company unveils software updates does not affect the preparations of the same, which in turn delivers the best performances from the handsets.

You can check out more of the details from the Apteligent report here.

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