Movavi’s PDF Editor Can Now do More Than Just Editing


Are you searching for a good PDF reader? Need a software that will let you edit your PDF documents before sending your files to your boss? Movavi’s PDF reader cum editor is the one you need! It allows editing as well as reading the PDF files and can be a good replacement for Adobe reader or the traditional Windows reader.

Editing PDF files has never been easy for common people and that’s because of the absence of a proper editing software. Well, that’s not the case anymore. Movavi PDF Editor can do the job for you. Movavi is a renowned software developer and its PDF text editor is just the thing you have been looking for to modify your PDF files. Don’t worry, the software is a breeze to use and just requires basic computing skills to operate it.

Movavi PDF Editor Review

Let’s now find out how you can use Movavi PDF Editor and edit your PDF files. This post further explains the steps in detail:

Download & install

The first task is to download the Movavi PDF Editor in your computer. Next, install the software in your system by following the steps mentioned.

Add your PDF file

In the next step, add the PDF document you want to edit in the Movavi program window. To do that, click ‘Open File’ tab and select the PDF document from your computer. To save time, you can also drag and drop your desired PDF file right from your computer folder to the Movavi program window.

Edit your PDF file

On the left of the Movavi software screen, you will find all your pages available for editing. Just right-click on the desired page and select an editing option. The Movavi PDF editor will enable you to perform different editing tasks on your PDF text. For example, you can crop out unimportant parts, delete them, copy a textual part, rotate a picture which is already edited and even extract a few specific pages to create a whole new small PDF file.

Save your file

After editing, go to File menu and select “Save As”. It will allow you to choose the output destination and the name of the file you are about to save. Now click ‘Save’ and you can find the document in your folder.

Movavi PDF Editor

Movavi PDF Editor Features

  • Allows to read and edit the PDF files on Windows and Apple computers
  • Allows opening and displaying the images in JPG and PNG.
  • Able to work with multiple documents at once
  • Able to carry out several editing functions
  • Able to save various file formats in PDF and then combine them together

Merge PDF files

Would you like to merge two or more PDF documents into one piece of text in a single file? Well, then you can click on “Merge Files” tab and then click on “Select Files” to add all the individual documents to the Movavi program window. You can rearrange them by dragging them around. After you are done with rearranging, simply click on “Merge” tab and you are done.