MWC 2017: LG G6 Pricing and Release Dates on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Europe


The LG G6 has just been launched in Barcelona at the MWC 2017 and finally, we know every bit of detail about the phone’s specs and features.

Despite launching the flagship, the South Korean company did not reveal the exact details of the price as well as the availability of the phone. But we now have some green light on this matter, with the likes of Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile confirming that they will indeed be bringing the LG G6 to the U.S. So far, Sprint has not confirmed whether it will carry this phone, but more details should be available sooner than later.

Apparently, Verizon Wireless will bring the LG G6 to the U.S. sometime this spring. While this seems promising when it comes to the release date, there’s still no mention of the official price as well as the specific date for this phone’s availability on the Big Red. The story is not much different at Verizon’s rival AT&T, but the carrier says that the phone will be “coming soon” to the U.S.

Even though AT&T follows in the same footsteps Verizon in not giving out specific details of the pricing and availability of the LG G6, the company has gone an extra mile and created a landing page for the flagship where you’ll find the “coming soon” release date. T-Mobile has also confirmed that the G6 will be released in the region “sometime this spring” but like the rest, there’s still no mention of a specific date or even the price.


As for Sprint, the details remain unclear at the moment, but it is possible that the carrier will also jump onto the LG G6 bandwagon sooner or later. Crossing over to Europe, the LG G6 will be available through Vodafone, but there’s still no mention of the price and release date. Other carriers and retailers are yet to confirm, but more of them should also be joining the party sooner or later. We’ll be here to let you know when it happens – including the pricing and release dates of the LG G6 in different markets across the globe.

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