NBA 2K17 Fixes Matchmaking Issues with its Patch 1.11 Release  

NBA 2K17

Developed by Visual Sports for 2K Sports, NBA 2K17 is intended to cater to basketball lovers.

The video game features basketball simulation and was first released in September 2016. Incorporating several modes and the ability to customize players based on individual preferences, the game is available on various devices comprising PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox and Xbox One, as well as on Microsoft Windows platform for PC. The rules of the game are in line with those of the NBA Basketball games.

NBA 2K17 Fixes Matchmaking Issues

Even as NBA 2K17 was well received among the public, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One fans have had a few complaints about a few issues that they wanted to be addressed. Taking these factors into consideration, developers released an update patch 1.11 to solve these matchmaking glitches. There has been no official release of this patch note. Yet, 2K Sports tweeted officially about its functionality and what actually players can expect. Interestingly, this patch 1.11 has been preceded by several updates in the past. On the flip side, the update can take up a large space on your device as it has a huge size of close to 7GB. Although this can leave many gamers unhappy, there is absolutely nothing that can be done in this regard.

With the Patch 1.11, 2K Sports assures gamers of online stability for various modes like MyTeam and MyPark that NBA 2K17 offers. Some glitches pertaining to getting ready for the All-Star weekend that is taking place in New Orleans have been taken into consideration. Following these, the All-Star rosters have undergone many changes. Other changes include alteration to the basketball players’ jerseys, the authorized court where they play the game, a comeback of Park After Dark that was present in the earlier versions and then removed and playing the current music when the MyPark location is chosen for action.

NBA 2K17

However, the update patch 1.11 is also not self contained as gamers continue to have issues when playing the basketball stimulation game representing their most favorite player. Some of these include existing accessibility issues with All-Star tournament, inability to play for an extended time period and getting exited from the game randomly.

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