New AnTuTu Benchmark Confirms Google Nexus Marlin Will be as Powerful as Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and Note 7

Google Nexus 2016 Marlin vs Galaxy Note 7

Last year’s Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X were announced in September and the same is expected for this year’s Google Nexus Marlin and Sailfish.

Marlin and Sailfish are the supposed codenames that this year’s handsets are being developed with. With HTC confirmed to be in the driving seat, a number of leaks have been doing rounds with respect to the design language of the flagship Marlin. Apparently, it has been claimed that the flagship will share a design language with the HTC 10. However, even newer leaks have suggested that the two handsets – Marlin and Sailfish – will come with the same material design and build.

With the stories about the same-design Google Nexus Marlin and Sailfish spreading even further, a new leak has emerged that also cements another previous speculation about the two phone’s hardware. There have been leaks of the hardware specs of the Sailfish, but little has been coming out with respect to the flagship Marlin.

However, in a new AnTuTu benchmark leak, it seems confirmed that indeed the Google Nexus Marlin will come with the same hardware specs as its Sailfish counterpart. These include a Snapdragon 820 SoC, Adreno 530 GPU, 4GB RAM and 32GB of onboard storage. The Marlin, however, has a 13MP snapper on the back and an 8MP sensor on the front. As for the display screen, the leaked benchmark shows a panel with a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels. As expected, the Nexus Marlin will come preinstalled with Android Nougat.

Nexus Marlin 2016

If you look closer, the hardware specs leaked above for the Google Nexus Marlin are a duplicate of what has been used on the 2016 Android flagships that are led by Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and the newer Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The same hardware specs can also be found in the LG G5 as well as HTC 10, just to name but a few.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have seen quite an enormous success since they came in a few months ago. While a lot of this can be credited to the sleek design of the handsets, more of this credit has to go to the snappy hardware performance of the handsets. Given that the upcoming Google Nexus Marlin will come with the same specs as the S7 and S7 Edge, including the fact that Samsung should keep its place in supplying HTC with AMOLED screen panels, you can expect the same performance capabilities from the new handsets, something that should get Samsung a little worried, although the Note 7 is still an unstoppable force.

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