New Apple iPhone 8 Concept Design Reveals a disturbing similarity with LG G5, LG V20

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors

The Apple iPhone 8 will be unveiled in September this year, meaning we still have more than seven months before seeing the next-gen iPhone.

Despite this long duration, a lot has been coming out with respect to Cupertino’s plans for this year. Like Samsung, there is talk of a curved dual-edge display screen and the omission of a physical home button as some of the major design changes for 2017, but it seems this is just a fraction of what Apple is getting ready for its fans.

As mentioned, we still have months between now and the release of the Apple iPhone 8 and since Apple hasn’t said a thing about what to expect, it has gotten many exploring different ideas of what the company might be planning. One such person is designer Daniel V. Yako and according to him, Apple fans should be ready for some unimaginable design changes when the iPhone 8 comes to life later this year.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors

Apparently, Yako thinks that the Apple iPhone 8 will have a lot in common with the LG G5. However, this has nothing to do with the modularity of the latter, rather, it has everything to do with the looks, especially the rear panel. Instead of having the main camera placed at the top left corner like with the iPhone 7, the upcoming iPhone 8 will reportedly have this feature moved to the middle of the back panel, the same location as the LG G5 and LG V20, however, the camera bump is still noticeable.

Unlike the iPhone 7 Plus that shipped with a 12MP dual-lens camera on the back, the rumored Apple iPhone 8 will reportedly come with an 18MP dual-lens setup on the back alongside a 12MP selfie shooter. Apple will also go for the latest A11 chipset to power the phone alongside a whopping 8GB RAM, something that might be highly unlikely. TSMC is expected to take charge of making the said A11 chipsets using the 10nm process, but the details of the processor are still unclear at the moment. Nonetheless, Cupertino will still step up the current processor, be it in terms of clock speed, power or any form of improvement.

Yako also believes that the Apple iPhone 8 will come with several new color variants, including more classy white and black as well as red gold colors. The design renders also show two bottom-facing speakers alongside a USB-C port on the bottom side of the phone.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors

Before this leak, it had been reported that Apple iPhone 8 will debut an all-glass design, a larger OLED display screen with an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner embedded into the screen. But as said before, the iPhone 8 is still months away and these are just part of wishful thoughts from Apple fans who’d wish to see the best iPhone unveiled during this special year when the phone marks its 10th anniversary.

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