New Apple Support App for iOS Lets You Schedule Repair Appointments – and More

Apple Support App for iOS

Since last year, there have been talks of a standalone Apple Support app for iOS in the making. However, it is only now that this has come to life.

According to new reports, the tech giant is currently rolling out a new Apple Support app to its iOS devices. Like the name suggests, this application is aimed at providing users of iPhones and iPads with the necessary support they need via helpful tips and articles. In short, Apple wants you to better understand its products and the different features the company offers through these gizmos.

In the new app, you will come across different types of products, tips, and useful information to benefit you in different ways. In addition to this, the rolling out Apple Support app for iOS will enable users to schedule repair appointments at any local Apple Store or even third-party shops that are authorized to carry out iPhone and iPad repairs.

Keep in mind that the new application is only meant for iPhones and iPads. In addition, Apple Support app only works with two versions of the company’s mobile OS – iOS 9 and iOS 10. Another thing to be aware of is that the app is not currently available for all iPhone and iPad users, instead, Apple is slowly pushing it out, starting from the Netherlands.

Apple Support App for iOS

Apple describes this Support app as a “personalized guide” for those using iDevices and apparently, the app has a lot to do with How-To guides. Like the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, the new Apple Support app lets users of iPhones initiate live chats with an authorized Apple technician. There is also room to send them an email with details of your problem and a response will come your way as soon as possible. If none of these works, the app allows you to place a voice call so that you can schedule an appointment with any technician.

Even though this new Apple Support app is only available for download on iOS devices, it seems Apple has plans to add other devices to the platform. The company has already added an option to “Get help with other products” other than the iDevices.

Google already offers a similar feature on its Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Owners of these two phones can call or text the company’s support team at any time of the day all throughout the year.

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