New BBM Update is Now Available on iOS and Android, Adds Host of New Features

New BBM Update is Now Available on iOS and Android, Adds Host of New Features

BBM is one of the favorite messengers of business people in the past and Blackberry phones sold in large numbers to gain access to this awesome messaging app.

Times have changed and it is now available on both your iOS and Android smartphone.

A newest update for BBM has landed on both platforms which you can download from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App store to experience some exciting features. The company expanded into a software firm by allowing the messenger to be used on two major mobile operating systems. For users who are tired of using Hangouts, Whatsapp and other fun but not so productive messaging apps, this should be a welcome addition.

New BBM Update is Now Available on iOS and Android

With the latest version of BBM, the developers have finally introduced BBM emojis, one of the most famous aspects of the messenger way back in the past. You should now be able to express yourself better with smiley faces. The app now supports BBM QR Code scanner using which it is possible to scan all kinds of QR codes in order to get discounts, promos on websites, on products and so on. The activity can be done within the interface of the app without having to open an individual app to get it done on an Android or iOS phone.

Group chats on BBM now supports large messages and the ability to send voice notes makes it easier to communicate with a large group of people. When you use the messenger, you should now be able to view all the photos posted by a friend in a timeline and open their avatar by clicking on the updates channel. The app now allows you to send images and videos without compressing their file size. It should make it easier to use it in a business environment where compression could affect the quality of the video.

New BBM Update is Now Available on iOS and Android, Adds New Features

A lot of bugs are fixed to provide a more optimal experience for users and with all these interesting new updates, BBM sounds like a very good messenger to go for on iOS or Android platforms. It is a welcome change and can be a viable alternative instead of the ones that are repeatedly being used by most now. This version of the app was in beta and has now been officially launched after all issues got ironed out. You can give it a try and see if it fits your daily communication needs while offering best of privacy and security.

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