New Bug Locking up Apple iPhones on the Loose – Before Careful Before Opening a Video during the Holiday Season

iPhone video bug

There is a new bug that is going around, consisting of a video of 5 seconds that locks up the iPhone. Apple has not made any response to requests for a comment regarding the bug.

Bug in Video

Users of the iPhone must be careful not to open any unknown video. The five-second video is going around Internet circles. When an iPhone owner opens the video on his smartphone, the phone gets locked up and is reset. It looks as if everything is fine in the beginning. On opening the video on the iPhone, it runs perfectly and the user can also exit these videos or open other applications after the video is finished.

iPhone video bug

Phone Slowed Down 

However, though everything seems perfect, the video with the bug starts a loop and within a short time of one minute, the user will notice that the phone has slowed down to a great extent and it ultimately freezes, which will need a reset of the smartphone.

Bug Verified

USA TODAY has confirmed that the bug is a real one, as they have tested the bug on the 6S Plus with a beta version of the iOS 10.2 and also on an iPhone 7 Plus device that runs the iOS 10.1 version. However, there was no bug reported when using the video clip on other phones, such as the Galaxy S7 that runs on Android 6.0.1 version. 

Viral Video

The video started gaining more ground since yesterday and has now gone viral on YouTube, where users can see the glitch. There have been more than 375,000 views of the video on YouTube in one day. The issue of the video bug is similar to the text message bug going viral in 2015. In that case, when a specific message was sent to a user, it would lead to restarting the receiver’s iPhone.

No Loss of Data

However, the saving grace of the latest bug is that there is no loss of any data on the phone. The problem lies in an inconvenience being caused to the user, as he or she has to reset the phone. Once the phone has been reset, the device will start functioning normally again.

Users of the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus can reset their devices by holding the power button down along with the volume button. In case of users of the 6S and the SE or any other earlier device, the power and the home button has to be held down for resetting the phone.

Video Freezing iPhones

Corrupted Video

The video that is freezing many iPhones was found at EverythingApplePro and consists of a brief .mp4 clipping of a person standing near a bed, with the word ‘Honey’ written on the screen. Once the video is played, it will affect the iPhone of the user can be used for a few minutes and then it becomes slow and later crashes completely. However, the result is seen only on iPhone devices and not on other smartphones running Android or Windows operating systems.

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