New Google Allo Update to bring Google Assistant to Windows PCs – No Longer Exclusive to Mobile Phones

Google Allo

Google Allo, the messaging app that started out as a mobile-based message-only app for Android and iOS users, has now decided to step on the grass on the other side of life – the desktop and laptop side.

Launched last year, Google Allo is no longer the hyped app that it was before and right after release. Many of those who tried it have probably ended up concluding that this is just another messaging app, thus uninstalling it or keeping it but rarely use it, but Google is not giving up on it yet. With many apps that begun as mobile-only platforms now accessible through Windows desktops and laptops, Google Allo has also taken the same path.

Since Google Allo has only been available on mobile phones, the search engine has felt that those who spend a lot of their time on PCs could be missing out keeping in touch with their friends. The likes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and many others are already doing this – their apps are compatible with just about every platform.

As if trying to open up the use of Google Allo, the tech giant wants you to keep using it even when doing other stuff on your PC. The story comes from Nick Fox, Google’s VP of Communications, but the Tweet also confirms that the app is still in beta. Interestingly, since Allo was the first to come with inbuilt support for Google Assistant, this feature still works perfectly even when on desktops. This makes the messaging app the first to bring the AI assistant to the desktop environment.

This could be a breakthrough for Google Allo, especially now that it could be able to capture a significant user base from current users of other apps, but it is still early to say anything. Whether users will be signing in to the desktop version by scanning a QR code like WhatsApp or maybe support for Google account will finally be introduced is still unknown, but as Nick Fox said, the details shall be out soon.

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