The New Google Fuchsia OS Could Kill Android, Chrome and Windows OS

Fuchsia OS

According to Google, putting together pink and purple will get you an all-new operating system known as Fuchsia OS.

Well, this has nothing to do with colors or even painting, but so far, it is the only information that Google has provided regarding its new mysterious Fuchsia OS project. As at the time of this writing, details about this new OS are still scant, but still, there are already some known aspects that are drawing interest among enthusiasts.

Apparently, the new Fuchsia OS is not based on the usual Linux kernel that features across the likes of Android and Chrome OS. With this in mind, it is possible that the search engine giant is working on an all-new operating system with certain devices being the target. It is also possible that this Fuchsia OS could finally see off the company’s most successful OS – Android – and the still-stagnant Chrome OS, which is Google’s competitor to Microsoft’s Windows OS.

The Magenta kernel that Fuchsia OS is based on is described as an SMP-aware kernel that is intended for small systems. Furthermore, Google points out that this kernel targets the latest phones as well as computers that come with fast processors and huge RAM amounts and have arbitrary peripherals that perform the open-ended computation.

Google is known for its simplicity and ease of use principals, but the fact that the Fuchsia OS supports 32-bit and 64-bit ARM SoCs may also suggest that the search engine giant is seriously looking at the Internet of Things world. Still, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of the OS featuring on embedded devices, but the biggest surprise is the support for 64-bit PCs. With this huge reach already in place, Google’s Fuchsia OS could be set to make even larger steps to include more types of devices, the Raspberry Pi included.

Given these numerous possibilities, it remains unknown what Google will end up doing with Fuchsia OS. It can work with IoT, embedded devices, smartphones and even PCs. Hopefully, this doesn’t end up to be another Brillo Android project.

Fuchsia OS

Since Fuchsia has quite a number of capabilities that could easily “swallow” Android and Chrome OS, there have been suggestions that the new OS could be Google’s answer to Microsoft’s Windows 10. If this materializes, we could see a sudden end to the most successful mobile OS – Android – which could disappear alongside PC-based Chrome OS. There have been rumors that Google is working on merging Chrome and Android, but instead, Fuchsia could just be the answer to all these merger issues.

Google hasn’t given out any details regarding Fuchsia OS, which leaves it an open guess for anyone. In short, this could be anything, including nothing, just like there have been other Google projects that never came to be.

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