New Google Pixel XL Cases Leaked Online as Launch Nears

Google Pixel XL Cases

This year’s Google products’ event will be the biggest yet as the company is not only working on unveiling the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, but also a number of other products that are new to the world.

It will be the first time the company reveals phones named Google Pixel and Pixel XL. In addition, it will also be the first time a 4K Google Chromecast comes to life. Other first-timers include the Daydream VR platform, a Huawei-made Pixel 7 tablet and a possible Andromeda OS, a hybrid version of Android and Chrome OS. In essence, Google is ready to showcase its “MadeByGoogle” products to the world, but of course, not all of these devices will gain the desired attention from consumers.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL will, without a doubt, be an interesting development, especially after the highly successful Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. HTC has been rumored to be the one making the two Pixel phones, however, none of them will have HTC nor Nexus branding, instead, a “G” logo will be used where Nexus was used on last year’s models.

While there have been numerous leaks about the two phones, none of them can match what we have in the shape of case renders. Apparently, case manufacturers already have an idea of what exactly the Google Pixel XL will look like. From the look of things, not so much is coming out of the leaked renders, instead, they are only but confirming what has been there in the rumors before this.

Google Pixel XL Cases

The new case has a dark option and if you are not happy with the two-tone design of the Google Pixel XL, this case is actually the go-to option.

While this is happening, notorious leaker Evan Blass has also stumbled across an image he believes is the Google Pixel. This is the smaller variant of the two, which comes with the same design as its larger counterpart. The two phones are expected to share the same internal specs, perhaps with slight differences in storage and camera configuration. All these will be confirmed next week when the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are launched.

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