New iPhone 7 Image Leaks Point to a Needed Upgrade

iPhone 7

Given the stats that Samsung Galaxy S7 is showing in the market, Apple will have no choice but to make the iPhone 7 an even better phone than any of the current flagship offerings.

The next iPhone will have an even bigger task ahead of its release following the recent announcement by Apple that meant the company is showing signs of decreasing iPhone sales for the first time in its recent history. Furthermore, with Samsung having made minor changes to the design of the Galaxy S7 with respect to the Galaxy S6, there are fears that the Apple iPhone 7 might have the same problem.

Well, this worry is no more, at least if the latest photo leaks can be believed. According to some leaked photos coming from the seemingly ever-reliable Chinese social media platform, Weibo, it seems Apple is working on a much-needed change for the next iPhone. Finally, the iPhone 7 will reportedly come in with a larger battery unit as opposed to any of the current iPhone crops.

The Weibo report shows some photos of the iPhone 7 components, this time, the battery units of both the standard and phablet iPhone 7 Plus showing up. If the site is to be believed, the smaller iPhone 7 will pack a battery unit of 1735mAh and the larger iPhone 7 Plus will pack a battery unit of 2810mAh. Considering the rumor that Apple is working on getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack (and thus free up some more space on the phone), this increase seems somehow insignificant. In comparison, last year’s iPhone 6S has a battery size of 1715mAh whereas the phablet iPhone 6S Plus has a 2750mAh unit – the improvements are quite subtle. Surprisingly, these updates to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus battery units are actually downgrades from 2014’s 1810mAh (iPhone 6) and 2915mAh (iPhone 6 Plus) units.

Apple iPhone 7

Having a larger capacity battery unit has never been Apple’s thing, but this doesn’t mean the phone will have shorter battery life than any of its predecessors. In fact, Apple may just have found better optimizations between the iOS 10 software and A10 chipset expected to be used on the iPhone 7, thus promising even more battery life despite the underwhelming improvements.

Even though this is a much-needed upgrade for the iPhone 7, it might end up becoming another of the many incremental updates the iPhone has been going through in the recent past. However, given that these are still mere speculations, we might be in for a shocker from Apple. Only time will tell.

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