New PS4 Black Ops III Bundle with NBA 2K17 is Priced at Just $349

New PS4 Black Ops III

Sony has unveiled the new PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim consoles which has caught the attention of many. For an average gamer, deals are what makes gaming easy.

A couple of weeks ago, it would have been really hard to purchase a PS4 bundle with spending at least $350 or higher. But, with the announcement, all old Playstation 4 consoles and game bundles are being cleared off the shelves with amazing discounts. Stores are eager to ensure they can push the PS4 Slim and Pro consoles which puts gamers at an advantage.

New PS4 Black Ops III

After all, if you don’t care much about the 4K upscaling capabilities of the Pro console and the smaller size of the Slim console, it’s best to go for Playstation 4 first generation model. The good thing is, there is no compromise to be made because Sony has already confirmed the HDR capability will arrive on all consoles as a software update. You will receive high fidelity graphics improvement on a cheaper console which also comes with a bunch of good games to start off with.

The Dell store is selling PS4 NBA 2K17 bundles for just $350. It comes with a copy of the game which is $60 and there’s a $75 gift card making this one of the awesome value pack you can go for. You not only get a console but a title that could provide hours of fun along with your friends. Another selling point is that it’s actually the Call of Duty Black Ops III bundle which puts in a free NBA game to add more value.

On the whole, you save $135 and get two different games along with the PS4 console. The gift card which will arrive twenty days later can be used to purchase extra controller or new games at the Dell store. Playstation 4 bundles and discounts are about to go rife in the next few weeks.

New PS4 Black Ops

Stores have to ensure they sell them all to make a profit and in their attempt, they will offer you the most kickass discounts. It usually includes new game titles, extra controllers and gift cards. All the AAA titles that you might have missed in the past could be yours along with the PS4 console. For those who feel that the Pro is more powerful, just wait because the PS5 is just around the corner and it doesn’t make sense to spend lots only to upgrade it within a year.

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