New Samsung Galaxy X1 and X1 Plus Leak Adds Weight to Q3/Q4 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy X1

We have been following developments of the now Samsung Galaxy X1 and Galaxy X1 Plus since last year. Following a quiet end of 2016, more details of this foldable phone have begun showing up in the recent past.

According to a recent leak, it was revealed that Samsung Galaxy X1 and Galaxy X1 Plus will be launched towards the end of this year, possibly in Q3 or Q4. However, Samsung has not even confirmed whether or not it is working on a foldable smartphone as the rumors claim.

There have been reports that Samsung is testing two units of this phone known, with the Plus variant still existing as a bigger doubt than its counterpart. Apparently, the standard Samsung Galaxy X1 will ship with model number SM-X9000 while the Plus variant will come in with model number SM-X9050.

At this point in time, all we’ve had to see about these two phones are their patent filings. However, Samsung is known for its habit of filing so many patents most of which never come to materialize. There are no details about the specs and features of these two phones, but previous reports had indicated that Samsung could go for a 4K screen resolution.

Samsung Galaxy X1 and X1 Plus

Given their timing, it is possible that the Snapdragon 835 SoC could be the one to power the phones out of the box unless Samsung and Qualcomm have other ideas regarding a successor to the upcoming flagship processor. The company also launched its first 8GB RAM modules meant for smartphones and if not the Galaxy S8, we could see this module make its debut on the rumored Samsung Galaxy X1 and X1 Plus later this year.

Eyes are on Samsung as the company looks to bounce back from the Galaxy Note 7 disaster. With the Galaxy S8 being the natural successor to the Galaxy Note 7, the phone has a lot on its back – but rumors show that the company could up for this battle. Only time will tell if this is indeed true.

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