New Transparent PS4 Controller is Available in Four Colors

PS4 Controller Four colors

Sony has some big news to share at the upcoming E3 2016 event.

Before the grand reveal of the PS4k console, the company has launched new controllers which are transparent and available in four different colored variants.

The entertainment brand confirmed that they are going to launch the new range of controllers including a transparent one in the PAL region. The product is scheduled for release this summer and is going to be in North America. However, there is no word on bringing it to the rest of the world as Sony may choose to keep it exclusive to the region. There are so many peripherals available in Japan among other regions. Such exclusivity might now be restricted to the PAL region at the moment.

Transparency has always been a selling point for many devices. When you are able to see the circuit board among other components inside, it makes you feel like a boss. The Sony PS4 transparent controller aims to provide such a unique experience. It has been titled the Crystal Dual Shock 4 controller. Apart from that, there are four different variants available including the steel black, gold and silver. Each one of them looks perfectly aligned with the console and the entire Playstation family Sony has created over the years.

PS4 Controller

In their official statement, Sony has stated that availability of the controller will vary by country. The initial launch for the transparent and the other three controllers is scheduled to be on July 11, 2016. You can check out the image to know how these controllers would look. But, in terms of performance, there isn’t going to be any different at all.

The brand has not changed any functionality of the controller or its design. During the E3 2016 event, more such announcements are expected. The entire expo is going to be focused on the new improved console that Sony has been teasing for a while. The brand is all set to increase the benchmark for consoles so that they can soon focus on 4K gaming. For starters, the new hardware will allow the PS4k console to play movies in ultrahigh definition.

With just a week to go, we are already excited about the big launch. The electronic entertainment expo 2016 is said to be low profile this year because of the absence of some big developers. But, with titles like Battlefield 1 and a new console, it is easily an event to look out for.

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