Nintendo NX Console Not At E3 2016 To Avoid Imitations

Nintendo NX

The Nintendo NX console is the talk of the town even though the company did hardly talk about it at the E3 2016 gaming expo.

From the developer’s perspective, they have an entirely different story to share. The gaming company’s head Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that there were plenty of reasons that deterred them from announcing the model at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016. E3 is one of the most prolific events around the globe where game developers, hardware designers and indie teams come up to showcase their best of technology.

This year, it was pretty dull because Sony didn’t announce the next generation PS4 Neo console as expected. It was supposed to be the new hardware update which will allow gamers to enjoy videos in 4K resolution and games in full 1080p with 60 frames per second. A similar route was taken by Nintendo as they passed the opportunity to announce the NX console. It could have gained them immense hype but it also leads to trouble, opined the brand’s head.

Nintendo NX Console

Miyamoto speaking in an interview said they are building the NX console with technology that pioneers the entire gaming industry. The team is also working on perfecting the VR features so as to offer it in a complete bundle. But, the problem with unveiling these at the E3 2016 is that there could be copycats who would try to recreate it. Instead of being successful, they will simply eat into the market share Nintendo has. It may lead to poor sales, according to the company.

While there are no companies that could replicate an Xbox One or PS4, Nintendo NX is more of a futuristic console, we hope so. It might feature virtual reality 3D games and some newer controllers that no one has ever heard of. They have the potential to be copied by others and they usually do it with poor quality. Besides, Nintendo NX console is not scheduled to get launched in the near future. It might be out in 2018 along with the Xbox Scorpio and probably even the PS4 Neo.

Long play sessions are considered an issue in virtual reality gaming, according to Miyamoto. It is a known fact which is why the NX console should be a mix of VR and normal gaming on a television screen but with new ways to interact for maximum fun. All we can do is hope that it lives up to the hype it has generated.

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