Nintendo Has Reasons To Keep NX Console Subtle For So Long


Both Sony and Microsoft are busy talking about how amazing their consoles are.

They are already pushing the limits to come up with 4K gaming experience while Nintendo is extremely silent about its NX console.

When questioned about the same, Shigeru Miyamoto had some interesting comments to share about the upcoming Nintendo NX console. He spoke at length at the E3 2016 event where he said, “There is an idea we are working on at the moment and it is related to the NX console. It’s something huge which is why we are not ready to share anything about it yet.”

The press reporter also didn’t miss the opportunity to ask Miyamoto about his opinion on Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio and Sony’s Playstation Neo console. He said that he is not in a position to comment on what other companies do and it won’t be good to talk about something that didn’t get released yet.

“It is important to have advancements in technology and the new consoles seem like they are what is to come but much quicker than expected,” he said. NX is not supposed to be a console that just uses wireless controllers but Nintendo is trying to reinvent the sector one more time as they did with the Wii U. It could probably have a strong focus on virtual reality but other companies are already doing it.

Nintendo NX ConsoleNintendo NX Console

Nintendo is known for their new hardware and innovative ideas. They introduced 3D with their handheld console, stylus, touchscreen devices and the Wii controller. It is rumored that the Nintendo NX will be a hybrid portable, home console which can be carried to any spot with ease. It is supposed to encourage everyone to buy it and use it wherever they go, instead of having to buy an individual handheld device.

No information is confirmed at the moment as it is still early to comment on what Nintendo is working on. Every rumor should be treated with a pinch of salt. Virtual reality is definitely in the cards but it could be one more feature rather than the only one that the developers focus on. The company could probably look at launching the Nintendo NX at E3 2017 next year. It could also be the platform for Sony to announce its Playstation Neo 4K console.

Microsoft is well ahead of the two at the moment with Xbox One Scorpio and their collaboration with PCs to bring Xbox exclusives onboard.

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