Nintendo Reveals Mini NES At Comic Con, Exclusive Pictures Here

NES entertainment system

The Comic Con 2016 is live at the moment where Nintendo revealed the Mini NES console and the original one was placed alongside it.

The new one is definitely a mini not just in its name but also as a product because the entire console is smaller than the controller used. To make it easy for gamers to enjoy the best of nostalgic titles, Nintendo developed the new Mini NES console. It is scheduled for an official launch by the end of this year.

Nintendo Mini NES

Before the big launch, they brought it to showcase how it looks in person. We were pleasantly surprised by how compact it is. You can actually carry it to any part of the world or wherever you go to enjoy a quick Donkey Kong on the go. Technology has changed a lot which is what the console depicted. The original big sized version was placed alongside new smaller NES classic edition. The difference in size was exorbitant as the company has now managed to bring all the games into a machine that is the same size as the classic controller.

Nintendo launched the original NES in 1985. The controller used to be rectangular in shape with just two buttons, a start, stop and a D-pad. The exact same thing has been recreated to make sure you get the experience that people enjoyed almost thirty years ago. The box art can also be found in the collection of pictures provided below. It feels too good to be true that we get to see the product so many years later with classic titles embedded into it.

NES classic edition

The Nintendo Mini NES is packed with 30 different games. The titles include Kid Icarus, Super Mario Bros, Mega Man 2, Final Fantasy, Castlevania and Excite Bike and much more. Even the box has been designed in such a way that it feels as retro as possible. Nintendo provides an additional controller that you could purchase for a price. After all, what good is gaming without bringing your friends and siblings into the match one more time.

It is provided as an individual accessory and will be available when the Mini NES gets launched this November. The only drawback that has been found so far is the cord that runs from the console to the controller. The length feels too short and it might be tad difficult to play it, especially on a large 50-inch HDTV. But, maybe that’s the way Nintendo classics are to be played!

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