Nintendo Super Mario Run Gets First Update on Android

Nintendo Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run opened to great hype on the iOS and later got launched on the Android platform.

The Nintendo game brought the classic plumber to modern devices and was supposed to be a huge hit.

However, during launch, Nintendo has some extensive plans for the game and also a hefty price tag to purchase the full version of the game. The game ditched free to play model which is a welcome addition but players had to shell out $10 to unlock all levels and continue playing. It wasn’t something Android gamers are used to and the game didn’t sell well as expected.

Nintendo Super Mario Run

Nintendo hasn’t ditched Super Mario Run as some claim because the company is keen on supporting the title and keeping it alive for time to come. They have officially launched the first ever update for the game on the Android platform which now allows you to find your friends using their Nintendo accounts. That’s the biggest highlight of the update because there isn’t much to write home about.

Some additional updates which are now available in the mobile game include allowing players to add new buildings to their kingdom and use any custom Mii character from their collection of Miimoto in their player icon. Such customization options allow you to experience the game from a whole new perspective and also feel personalized rather than using the same icons or buildings that everyone else is using. The building customization options also include a 8-bit bowser statue which is a way to commemorate the original villain from the Super Mario games of the past. Nintendo has banked on the character for decades now and the era continues with the Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run had so much hype as it was the first direct mobile game from Nintendo. The company has been very strict when it comes to copyright infringement and would never anyone else to make a game that even remotely resembles Mario or other characters. The endless runner was well done but it may get dull after a couple of hours. Paying $10 is worth your time if you still like the game and would want something to play on the way to work or when you are waiting for food to be served in a restaurant. The game’s production quality is good but Nintendo has to come up with something more fun, addictive next time to grab the attention of the young crowd.