Nintendo Switch Official Launch Event Scheduled for Jan 13

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch handheld hybrid console is about to go public ad the official launch event will take place in New York on Jan 13th.

Nintendo made the announcement today. The company released a teaser trailer for the Switch console and it instantly went viral. The Wii was a huge success but Wii U didn’t! That didn’t stop the company from experimenting as they have gone the extra mile to invest in a mobile platform. While most game developers and hardware manufacturers believe smartphones dominate mobile gaming, Nintendo says there is scope for a dedicated gaming device.

Nintendo Switch Event

Sony’s PS Vita didn’t reach audience not because it was a handheld but for the company’s lack of attention on their product. The publisher was supposed to bring in game titles as they did with the PSP. But, they made sure Vita was DOA by neglecting it to core. If it had games like Tekken, Dragon Ball and Final Fantasy as the original PSP did, the market could have witnessed a huge upliftment.

We really hope Nintendo Switch won’t make these mistakes and bring both first party and third party publishers onboard to keep the console going. They have already confirmed that there will be a Zelda game on this Nvidia Tegra powered device and the full console version of Skyrim from Bethesda. The event named as ‘Tokyo Webcast’ will be a private event in New York.

Once the official announcement, the pricing of the hybrid console will be confirmed. It’s all about pricing it right and bringing the best games on it. A sweet price point would be $200 or maybe even less so as to convince every buyer to go for it. People may choose the Nintendo Switch along with a PS4 or Xbox One. Nintendo has always enjoyed this parallel market without competing with Sony or Microsoft. The trend will continue if it is priced at an affordable range. The event is also going to reveal the release date for the machine which should be in the mid of 2017. Pushing the launch to holidays next year will affect sales as the hype would have died by that time.

Nintendo Switch

There will be no home console from the company as we know so far. The Nintendo Switch will double as a portable device and a dedicated home platform. They do have the Wii U and the 3DS for now but it might undergo some major changes as the brand aims to merge them into one powerful, hybrid machine.

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